Heart rate transmitter

Sportek Fab5.3 Full Fabric Heart Rate Transmitter Key Features

►Full fabric chest strap is designed to be more comfortable than typical transmitter straps employing"flex plastic"designs.

►Tested to transmit consistent and accurate Heart Signals (transmission distance approx 3 feet )

►Compatible with most Heart Rate Watches and Exercise Equipment(employing 5khz signal.)

► Three-Contact"detection:detects heart rate signal through conductive fabric interwoven within the chest strap.

►Compatibility:compatible with existing 5khz heart rate  receiver watches. as well as most "receiver equipped"exercise equipment such  as treadmills.Bikes.Ellipticals etc.

►Battery is user replaceable. Estimated life is 1 year(based on 1 hr exercise every day )CR 2032 Battery.

►CE,FCC, RoHS Compliant

►Patents applied for.

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